Marks on Your Stick of Life

If your life was like a stick, who is making marks on it?  I mean, are there deep cuts and nicks?  Are there delicate scratches or brush marks?  Maybe you might feel like your stick needs gorilla glue to keep the pieces together.  Many times, this is how I feel about my own relationships.

I know a lot of people.  And with each conversation and each interaction, a place of them make it’s “mark” on me and I on them.  That’s not to say that the deep cuts are not beautifully crafted and shaped.  Like my mother-in-law who taught me to feed huge masses of people and my children who teach me to laugh at myself.  There are other marks that are deep but not as pretty – my father’s lack of committing to his family and my own pain of school yard bullies.

Back down South, we used to whittle wood using our pocket knives.  My grandfather could shape and cut animals.  I actually cut a huge gap into my thumb which cost me 4 stitches.  It used to amaze me how a small donkey or dog would slowly form from a piece of nothing I brought him to carve from the yard.  You reckon we are pieces of wood just hanging around for our Heavenly Father to carve?

Well, actually we are not.  We are much more precious to God than a left-over piece of tree.  But the people around us tend to make dents and curves, sometimes even when they are not invited to.  And even though not every relationship is labeled a wonderful experience, it shapes your stick.

Be always grateful for the people in your life that carve your stick into intricate designs and shapes.  True friends are a gift from God.

1 Samuel 18:3  A good friend is a blessing from God

Corrina Weikle