“Wakey wakey! Eggs and Bakey!”

“Wakey wakey! Eggs and Bakey!”  Pastor Tim talked Sunday about how his dad would wake him up saying,  “rise and shine!”   I can relate to the waking up early part, but I haven’t told my kids to shine that early.  It would fall on deaf ears.  I went with the more direct approach – the gut!  Don’t get me wrong, I very seldom have bacon and eggs for breakfast, but it did at least cause an eyeball peer under the blankets just in case!  My father-in-law goes for the alarmist approach.  When he gets us up in Alabama, he tells us, “get up and pee! The world’s on fire!”  Yeah, you can imagine how many people rush to fix that problem.   As many that would want to “shine!”

Getting a wake up call is perhaps the most under-appreciated task of the day.  I mean, without it, you would be late, always rushing, completely unhinged from the start.  I remember as a young child sleeping in hotels for vacation excited for the next morning when the phone would ring to wake us up.  My sister and I would take turns answering.  It was very serious stuff.  We kept up with our turns better than who gets to ride in the front seat.  The lady – it was almost always a lady- would sweetly say, “Good morning! This is your wake up call! Have a great day!”  How exciting!!! Someone calls our room who doesn’t even know us and tells us to have a great day?! What magic is this?  Splendid!!

Christmas is anticipating a wake up call.  We rush around getting ready, always having a deadline looming over our heads - shipping deadlines, RSVP deadlines, end of the year statement deadlines, expiration date of food deadlines.  It’s crazy how we get sucked into defining one of the most glorious times of the year down to a timeframe of 24 hours.  You can’t pin down how the Baby Jesus changed the world into one morning of rushed coffee and gift wrap.  But we sure do try!  And we are consistent as all get out because we do it EVERY YEAR.

Not sure if you set your alarm early on purpose to hit the snooze or get up on the first buzz ready to go.  It really doesn’t matter as long as you get moving.  We embrace the process differently.  Christmas is literally just about here.  And soon it won’t matter what you didn’t buy, where you didn’t go, or what you didn’t cook.  The coffee and gift wrap await!  Remember the little one sleeping in the hay, quietly breathing, content to be snuggled and warm.  Baby Jesus isn’t going to overthink the holiday.  And my prayer to you is that you don’t either.

Isaiah 7:14  “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.”

Corrina Weikle