It's All About Perception

A trip to the grocery store is a grand adventure!! I mean who can compare the feeling of climbing a mountain or swimming with dolphins when you go and buy something with a double coupon that’s also on sale AND YOU GET FUEL POINTS! HA!  And hiding from terrorists or escaping snapping crocodiles is nothing like dodging the small children allowed to “push the buggy for Mama” all around the pickle and pasta sauce aisle with glass jars all aglow!!  Please!  Not to forget the feeling of amazement that could never equal standing on the top of a skyscraper or watching someone complete the Iron Man challenge when you can walk behind a fine young person with their pants intentionally pulled below the belt line, causing him to trip along nice and slow through the gusty-winded exit. Bah!

Life is perception. Is the grocery store an adventure or a nightmare?

Christmas is a glorious time of remembrance and celebration.  We remember each other and how important just being alive is, being born, the gift of life.  We celebrate holidays past, traditions made sometimes decades ago, enjoying togetherness.  But everything else gets in the way.

Decorations, required parties and events, even menus become essential parts of our happiness.  We no longer are amazed at the plain lights on the tree.  There is small delight in waiting at the fancy restaurant even though you won’t see these people until next year, Lord providing.  And we roll our eyes when children ask for the mac and cheese in the “blue box” for Christmas dinner because “you eat that all the time.”  Like it’s just not special enough.

Last year I was a little bummed at holiday time.  My youngest wasn’t exactly buying into the whole elf on a shelf, sit on Santa’s lap, let’s read a beautiful story at bedtime type of Christmas.  It’s hard when you’re young but not old enough, you know?  I missed how everything was fun and awesome!  So this year I was determined to go with the flow and have a stinking awesome Christmas no matter which raging adolescent hormone was raging!!!  As I stepped back and let him take lead this year, I am delighted at all the new stuff we get to do!

Decorating cookies was actually not a complete mess and we were proud of the final product! We used real pastry bags and tips!  We followed recipes with real butter and sang silly songs while we waited!

The nice dishes get to stay out for all special holiday meals – breakfast, snack, dinner. The movies are laughed at because they are cheesy but we all share the knowledge that we are laughing a bit too hard.  And the most surprise I can report is that most of the conversation starts with, “remember how (or when)” and he tells me all about something he has in his memory. His PERCEPTION.

It’s just wonderful to hear him talk about all the adventures he has had at holidays past.  Lots of little things that I wouldn’t think mattered meant the world to him.  Mark and I really did instill the true meaning of Christmas.  And now we can reap the rewards this year by stepping back and letting our kids guide us a bit.

Enjoy your togetherness and holiday adventures.  If you think they are perfect, then they are!  Jesus was happy to lie in a stable and was content sleeping in a cave.  His perception was it was a perfect night!  And so it was!

Corrina Weikle