About Youth Group

Good Shepherd Youth Ministries follows the vision statement of the church; to create, seek and be in relationship with each other and Jesus Christ. We do this in a variety of ways in a safe environment where faith can be explored and friendships can be strengthened.


Middle School Youth Ministry


Youth Group Time: 6:00 pm-8:00 pm

Each meeting includes group bonding, a Bible lesson or Faith idea, and fun times. Once a month we have a fun night when we often go off site to do a special activity.

Universal Permission Slips are required to participate in the     off- site activities. Please see link below for form.

A Wednesday night meal is available from 5:30 – 6:15 pm for $2.50


9:30 am – 10:30 am in the Middle School rooms

Schedule: Middle School rooms

9:00 – 9:30 am –Guitar/music practice time
9:30 – 9:45 am – Youth Worship
9:45 – 10:30 am – Class Time

(8th grade has Confirmation Class in room 147)

First Sun. of Month is intergenerational worship in sanctuary for communion.

  • How to Sign Up for Events?

Sign up on the event sheets in the Youth Room, also known as “The Pit”!



If you want up to the minuet updates we will be using Remind.  It is a text based service.  We can keep you informed of last minuet changes and receive reminders of upcoming events.  Easy to subscribe and unsubscribe. Using your Phone text @fwgsyouth to 81010  to start receiving updates

High School Youth Ministry


High school ministry meets on Sunday evenings from 6:00-8:00 PM

Each meeting will include food (a light meal or snacks), faith based discussion, and different kinds of games and activities. Friends are always welcome. We are seeking to be a Proverbs 27:17 group this year, relying on each other to help us grow stronger in our faith.

Once a month we will have an off- site fun night or special event.


9:45- 10:30 in "the pit"

We take time to catch our breath and discuss current issues and life situations with a focus on God’s plan, purpose and presence in all that happens. Grab a bagel, a cup of coffee or milk, and come join us! The first Sunday of the month is intergenerational Worship in the sanctuary for communion.

Hello Friends In Ministry! This summer will be a busy one for youth with summer camp and mission trips.   I have been planning the summer activates this past spring but, soon my focus will switch to the fall and starting up the youth programs once again.  When the fall program starts up I want to have a volunteer force ready to go!  Let me explain what I am doing… The youth volunteer team will be broken up into three teams.  We have the A Team, B Team, and C Team.  Depending on your abilities and desire, anyone can volunteer for youth ministry!  We have an excellent “A Team”  in place.  These people are the weekly volunteers that run youth group, Sunday School, Confirmation Class, and Worship 101.   Most of these positions are full, but we would love to know if you are interested in these areas in the future.  Secondly we have the “B Team.”  If you would like to work with Youth but your schedule doesn’t allow you to volunteer every week we would love for you to join this team.  We are always looking for people to help out with our monthly events and youth trips.  Lastly we have the “C Team.”  If you would like to volunteer with youth in a behind the scenes capacity, we will be looking for people to be prayer partners and correspondence partners.  We will assign some youth to you and ask you to pray for them and send them birthday cards, congratulation cards, and cards of encouragement etc.  We also would like you to attend youth events to show your support.   If you want to volunteer in any of these areas please let me know so I can start planning for the fall activities.  Send me an email if you are interested:  zschwartz@fwgoodshepherd.org


Senior High News 

Summer Camp:  June 25-30    

Mission Trip:  Dates are July 23 - 29  (Payments for both events need to be made out to the church.)
Aug. - Color Wars/Back to School: Aug. 12th 7-9PM
Sept. - Canoe Trip $10.00 Sept. 23rd 12-5PM
Oct. - Lock-in Oct. 27th 7PM - 28th 7PM
Nov. - SkyZone $17.00 Nov. 10th 7-10PM
Dec. - Gut Bomb Night  $10.00  Dec. 15th 5-10PM


Senior High News (9th - 12th)
Youth Group WILL resume on August 27th 6-8 PM.
Summer camp is coming up quick!  June 25th - June 30th.  We are asking the church and the youth to donate breakfast items like cereal, pop tarts, breakfast bars and snack items like chips and crackers.  If you need a ride please let me know otherwise I assume you will find your own ride to the camp by 5PM on Sunday June 25th. 
The deadline for the senior high mission trip has past.  If you still want to go and did not sign up please let me know ASAP.  Also if you signed up and no longer can go I need to know.

Junior High News (6th - 8th)

Family Night and middle school youth group WILL resume on August 23rd. 6-8PM 

Mission Trip: September  15-17th.  This trip is for all incoming 7-9th graders.  Incoming 6th graders will not be able to attend the trip unless we have enough space and funds. 


Fun Night
These events are for both Junior and Senior High and a universal permission form is required to attend, form link below.
August 12th 7-9 PM - Color Wars.  800 Water Balloons, Slip and Slide Kick Ball, 40 pounds of color run powder and a 10 foot Sundae!  Welcome Back Party at the church!  A big welcome event for incoming 6th graders and farewell to leaving seniors!


Sunday Morning Schedule
9:00: Worship 101 Practice
9:30: Sunday School/Worship 101
10:00: Sunday School/Small Group
10:30-12:00: Music Time/Fellowship
Text Updates
If you want up to the minuet updates we will be using Remind.  It is a text based service.  We can keep you informed of last minuet changes and receive reminders of upcoming events.  Easy to subscribe and unsubscribe.   
Using your Phone text @fwgsyouth to 81010  to start receiving updates.  Or send a blank email to: fwgsyouth@mail.remind.com 

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