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Corporate worship hours are enriched by the artistic abilities that flow from the people who call Good Shepherd their home.  These servants offer their gifts to create an atmosphere which encourages a deeper connection with God.  Some groups meet on a regular basis; others function as needed.  The programs often flow out of the abilities and desires of those with gifts who have a dream.

If your God-given talent is….

·        Singing (choral, ensemble or solo)
·        Handbells
·        Playing instruments (piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, percussion, a band or orchestral instrument)
·        Dance
·        Visual Arts (painting, sculpture, banners, photography, altar design)
·     Creative Writing

…then this is the opportunity for you!

Sanctuary Choir – Choral singers high school age and up are invited to praise God with their voice in this choir.  Regular rehearsals are Wednesday evening 6:30-8:00 PM with special rehearsals called as needed.  The choir usually participates in the 9:30 & 11:00 AM worship hours.

Festival Choir – Singers with limited availability join with the Sanctuary Choir once or twice a year for special programs usually around Christmas and Easter.  Details are available as programing develops.

Children’s Choir – This choir is for students Gr. 1-8 and meets most Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 PM.  Music reading and singing skills are taught and opportunities to lead in worship occur throughout the school year.

His Kids – Children ages 4 through Kindergarten are given their initial exposure to music as an avenue to worship God.  Rehearsals are most Wednesdays 6:30-8:00 PM and include singing, games, snacks & story time.

Vocal Ensembles and Soloists – Gifted singers are offered opportunities to lead in worship teams, vocal ensembles and as soloists as needs arise.

Handbell Choirs – Love the sound of handbells?  GSUMC has one moderately advanced group that needs subs that are experienced.  Intergenerational beginning groups are formed as sufficient interest develops.

Instrumental Music – From contemporary to classical, groups are formed to lead in worship.  There are no groups that meet on a regular basis, but ensembles are formed as needed or as desire is expressed and venues for sharing are created.  Soloists are used regularly in worship.

Dance – Groups of younger girls share in worship a few times each year.  Rehearsals are limited.

Visual Arts – As individuals identify themselves, visual arts matches are made between skills and creative ways to enhance the current worship offerings.  From painting to altar design, from sculpture to photography – if you have a heart to serve using the arts, your gift will benefit the congregation.

Creative Writing – People who use words to create beauty and express truth have opportunity to write prayers & liturgical elements for worship.  Short stories and scripts for special events can touch the heart and help the congregation emotionally grasp a truth.

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