God made us in His image...

One of the ways we see that likeness is in our desire to express ourselves in creative ways. The Worship Arts Ministries at Good Shepherd offer a variety of opportunities to worship God using the gifts that He has given us. Current ministries include vocal and instrumental music, dance,  handbells, and technical support.

Choirs for All Ages

For those with a heart to more fully express their faith through music, the choirs of GSUMC strive to provide opportunities, training, and encouragement for all ages. The talents of many people, both the experienced and beginners, are brought together for the purpose of worship and proclamation. You are invited to join us in this joyful journey as we work together to express our faith and enlarge God’s Kingdom.

Adult Choirs

Sanctuary Choir (High School through Adults of All Ages)

The heart of the vocal ministry, this group meets Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 p.m. and sings regularly for worship services, mostly at 9:45 & 11:00 a.m. The Sanctuary Choir enjoys a wonderful sense of community as they blend their voices to lead in worship.

Festival Choir (All Singers)

For those who love to sing, but can’t make an extended commitment, the Festival Choir offers a limited rehearsal schedule usually of eight weeks or less. The group prepares a special presentation, often at Christmas or in the spring. 

Other Vocal Opportunities

If you would like to sing solos, duets, or be in some other small group, there are often needs for those with a heart to minister in this way. Contact the music office to volunteer.

Children’s Choirs for Age 4 through Grade 5

All children’s choirs rehearse on Wednesdays during the school year. There are two choirs.

His Kids (4 years–Kindergarten) meets 6:30-8:00 PM
Children’s Choir (Grades 1-5) meets 4:30-5:30 PM

Rehearsals include training in age appropriate musical skills, learning Biblical truths drawn from the songs, prayer and fellowship and games. The children’s choirs sing during worship hours when they are prepared.


Good Shepherd currently offers dance training for worship on an occasional basis for students from Kindergarten through high school. Led by Ann Slen, these groups offer a place for the beginner and the developing dancer to express their love of God through dance. Individuals of advanced skill are encouraged to share in solo opportunities at various times throughout the liturgical year. People with skills in choreography are regularly needed to help develop and teach dance moves to children and teens. For more information, please contact dcampbell@fwgoodshepherd.org.


The drama ministry is currently searching for new leadership to help with children, teens or adults. Please contact Dennis Campbell at dcampbell@fwgoodshepherd.org to share your desire to help develop this ministry.

Instrumental Music

The Bible and tradition, from Old Testament times until today, encourage the use of a variety of instruments to make music for God’s glory. From handbells to organ, brass to woodwinds, guitars to drums, the Worship Arts Ministries strive to provide opportunities for individuals to use their skills to enhance worship and minister to the community.


Good Shepherd owns five octaves or Malmark handbells and three octaves of Choir Chimes. Currently two intergenerational choirs of varying skills meet for regular rehearsals. Occasionally ensembles are formed and rehearse for special occasions.

Joyful Noise (Grade 6 through Adult)

A beginning handbell choir, this intergenerational group learns the basics of ringing and music notation and works to play music up to Level 2. Emphasis is placed on acquiring skills in a fun environment. They usually rehearse on Sunday evening. Please contact the music office for more information.

JuBellation (Grade 8 through Adult)

An intermediate/advanced handbell choir, JuBellation plays Level 3 or 4 music and performs regularly for worship. This intergenerational group encourages excellence in ringing and fellowship among members. They currently meet late on Sunday afternoon. For more information, contact the music office.

Instrumental Groups

Brass, woodwinds, strings, percussion - every instrument and every age are encouraged to participate in an appropriate way. The size of groups and the difficulty of music vary. Also, people with advanced skills are encouraged to share solos for worship. Call the music office to express your interest and share your skills.


With numerous choirs and weekly services, there are frequent needs for people who play the piano to serve as an accompanist. Individuals are encouraged to call the music office to express their interest in playing.

Praise Band

Various opportunities exist for individuals of all ages with moderate or advanced skills in guitar, keyboard and percussion who desire to serve the Lord by leading in worship. These groups play for worship times and for any other venue where their ministry is requested and people are available. To express your interest, call the music office.

Technical Support

A dedicated and skilled crew of individuals enhances the ministry at all of Good Shepherd’s worship services. People who already have developed skills in sound, lighting and projection are welcome to join this team - and opportunities are available for the novice to learn the necessary skills to support the corporate worship gatherings. Individuals interested in ministry in the technical field are encouraged to contact the church office and leave a message for Tom Voght.

Visual Arts

Visual stimulation can enhance our worship of God. At Good Shepherd individuals and groups of artists work with a variety of media to create artistic expressions that move our hearts through our eyes. Current expression groups work in the areas of Banners, Sewing, Altar Decor, Photography and Film. People interested in working in these areas are encouraged to contact Dennis Campbell atdcampbell@fwgoodshepherd.org.