Discovery Group

Discovery Group is a chance to discover more about Good Shepherd, your faith, and your place in this faith family. Topics included in Discovery Group cover history of Methodism, sharing your faith, stewardship, and discovering your strengths. You will meet staff and have a chance for a private meeting with a pastor.

Discovery Group takes place approximately 3 times a year: early Spring, Summer, and Fall. Notices of upcoming meetings are announced in the bulletins and newsletters.

Becoming a Member

At the end of the Discovery Group session, you may choose to join the Good Shepherd family or continue your current involvement. The choice is yours. If you choose to join, you will take vows of membership during a worship service. These vows can be found of page 34 of the United Methodist hymnal in your pew. In addition to the spoken vows, the United Methodist Church requires baptism. If you are not baptized, a pastor will speak with you.