Cyber Safety For Kids

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017


Parents, Grandparents, children grades 3rd through age 18

All are encouraged to attend.  Free Event

Past high profile instances of youth being victimized by cyber bullies, and sexual predators demanded a proactive program be developed and implemented in an effort to inoculate youth against such criminal acts.

There are 61 Internet Crimes against Children Task Force (ICAC) in the United States.  And, the Indiana ICAC Task Force is the first to have full-time Youth Educators.  Each Youth Educator works within the structure of the Indiana ICAC Task Force with presentations specifically designed to prevent victimization in the areas of:

  • Online child sexual solicitation
  • Online child extortion, also known as sextortion
  • Online production of child pornography
  • Online bullying, also known as cyberbullying
  • Online radicalization mitigation to reduce the recruitment of youth by terrorists and criminal extremists.

The Indiana ICAC Youth Educators provides age appropriate Cyber Safety presentations to help reach our youth before they become victims, to provide help to those who have already been victimized and mitigate the potential for acts of school violence committed due to online victimization.


The good news is that most children are not getting into trouble online, but there are still risks to consider. The presentation will address the safe use of all devices and websites, no matter how kids access the Internet.


Technology changes all the time, and kids are constantly finding the newest websites, apps and gadgets. It’s vital they learn the rules of Internet safety so they can use technology responsibly. 

Cathie Bledsoe, is a Youth Educator for the Indiana State Police Internet Crime against Children Task Force (ICAC). The Indiana State Police provides age appropriate cyber safety presentations to Indiana schools, churches and youth organizations. Theses presentations focus on accurate and timely information relevant to youth from age 8 to 18. Mrs. Bledsoe has over 10 years of teaching experience that includes K-12 and college level courses. She has worked in both public and private school settings with a variety of students, including gifted students and juveniles in the probation system. She has been a presenter on Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying for over 10 years, holds a Master’s in Secondary Education-Instructional Technology and currently working towards a Doctorate in Education – Teaching and Learning.